Dear More Simple,

I have no idea what goes on with my app when it leaves the house each morning (and night!). What should I do to make sure I know where he's going and who he's hanging out with?


N. Thedark

Dear N. Thedark,

Relationships are never easy. What you need is a healthy dose of data from an analytics engine, such as FLURRYAn analytics engine will help you track granular behavior of your users to measure engagement and retention to help you pivot UX design as you continue to upgrade and improve your app. 

Similar to how companies track website performance, Flurry does the same for your mobile app. For example, Flurry would help you track: The frequency the app is opened, duration, geographical data, use of app by section, audience segmentation, market analysis. The list goes on. Consult with a Flurry representative for updated details and accurate information. 

There are dozens to choose from. Flurry is free, though you may like one of these:  

APP ANNIE - Data-science heavy, aligned with IDC Technology. 

LOCALYTICS - The go-to choice for many developers. Affordable pricing. 

OMNITURE - Adobe’s solution. Powerful enterprise-level data analysis. Monthly service fees applies.

In a nutshell, an analytics engine could most likely save your relationship! 

More Simple