More Simple has worked with dozens of companies to develop new names for products, services, and startup ideas.  Below are some of our favorite results from our signature process we call: NameStorming™.

CALLBOX STORAGE is an off-site, on-call storage company that manages your storage for you. They pick everything up, inventory it and you can get it back anytime with a simple call.

FIRST F15TEEN is a publishing company focused on emerging artists, offering them their first fifteen minutes of fame.

SPOTTED is a mobile platform that allows you to check-in at restaurants and hold your spot in line. Your app allows you to be spotted when you arrive.

HEXXIS is a game designed around the powers of the number 6. Hex for 6 +  SIX presented in reverse = a six letter word for clever.

LIMBREL is a prescription drug for treating arthritis. The name merges the essence of being more limber and offering relief.

BETE NOIRE is a clothing line that is only available in shades of black. Literally "Black Beast", the name conveys the sense of strength and attitude the owners package and sell in very black boxes.

iTOi is a technology platform that allows users to chat over video while looking directly into the eyes of their audience. The name is purely eye-to-eye in sheep's clothing.

ATMOSPHERE is a digital art platform that provides ambient imagery for any video screen. The product can create a unique atmosphere wherever it is installed.

PRODIGEE! is a video game company developing learning-oriented games and stories to get children started off on the right foot.

MEMO RANDOMS are pithy messages expressing insights on how to improve life in today's modern office. Did you get the memo?