Andrew Sobel is a leading authority on strategies and skills required to build lasting client relationships. His bestselling books have been translated into 19 languages. And, he's a really good guy. For the last couple of years, More Simple has been working with Andrew to polish and refine many of the tools he uses to impact the growth of leaders around the world. Most recently, Andrew asked us to layout and define a comprehensive report he and his team had accumulated to study trends throughout the business world. We love the smell of old fashioned print! Start the press! 


As a bridge between real-world events and the digital lives of fans of all kinds, Cosmunity brings together photo & video sharing, social connections, and a marketplace devoted solely to this unique universe. 

We were thrilled to partner with this entrepreneurial team to envision what an entirely new community could look and feel like. In the end, it was no big deal. It’s cosmic!

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Get more done with less effort. 

Many people and organizations fall into the trap of thinking more information — more meetings, more phone calls, more emails, etc. — translates into better communication. On the contrary, more information means more friction, less done. Streamline Certified takes on this classic problem with the modern adage: Less said, more done. 

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The folks at Callbox Storage asked us to create a new brand for their start-up storage company with a sense of modern flair. After we identified a powerful name, designed a signature logo, crafted the messaging, and defined a unique voice, we applied the new branding to their technology platform + marketing website to support their launch of a new storage business that boasts simplicity. 

We were thrilled to have been mentioned in a recent issue of the Dallas Morning News where Callbox Storage was profiled as a leading venture focused on solving the storage problem. Read the full story

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The elite source for corporate training solutions, SMCOV, called on More Simple to reimagine their brand and help frame their story as the company introduced themselves to enterprises around the world.

We developed a powerfully simple framework to showcase the dynamic spirit of the organization, grounded on experience and expertise.

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Two-thirds of the More Simple team are serious Prince fans, while the other third would look great in a paisley scarf. Prince once wrote: “Sometimes it Snows in April,” a song as haunting as it is beautiful. To capture a sense of Prince’s haunting beauty, we’ve curated a new soundtrack to capture this unique perspective. After all, isn't life a little better with a bit of fresh snow? (Update: Peace PRN)


Audvisor invited More Simple to envision their audio insights app as a new learning platform for an on-the-go lifestyle.  

Our studio developed the logo, positioning line, app design, website design and investor presentation deck to help them raise their Series A funding.

The App was recently released and featured in TechCrunch. See more about this project and download the app today.



AQUATERRA is a luxury landscape firm that needed a complete refresh of their identity to better represent the quality of their projects.

More Simple developed the air / fire / earth / water symbology that represents the scope of Aquaterra’s work. These icons, along with an updated brand mark became the foundation for a top-to-bottom redesign of the Aquaterra company.



Aprima Medical asked More Simple to design a new mobile platform to allow physicians to access their scheduling and messaging database, while away from the clinic or hospital.  

Our studio crafted an elegant mobile solution focused on a clear presentation of critical information available at the touch of the finger. The design was so successful we were asked to translate the approach to their desktop software, as well. We also had the opportunity to establish a new vernacular for all icons used across the entire Aprima platform.