Our process is thorough and detailed while still remaining fluid enough to handle almost all types of work engagements. Some of the process elements typically involved in out projects are shown below.

Analysis & Strategy
Our first step is always a thorough analysis of the design problem. Our aim is to clarify exactly what the goals of the project are and determine the smartest path to achieve them can be. 

User Experience
All of the screens and interactions are mapped out in a wireframe format to illustrate the connections between elements and understand exactly what each view must accomplish.

Art Direction
Studies of various presentation styles are considered and evaluated to find the perfect direction for the design to take.

User Interface
Based on the Art Direction and Wireframes, we build out the entire project design.

Design specifications spell out the details of spacing, type, colors and other relevant information needed for development or extension of the project.

Use Guides
Guidance is given on how to implement the design across future use cases.