APRIL 2015

"...For me, Prince has become an inspiration and a teacher in subjects ranging far wider than music. I hope that more of us who consider ourselves fans of his music will find inspiration in his leadership as an individual guided by truth and passionate purity. I know I still have a lot to learn on these fronts and it’s a pleasure to still be taking classes 30 years later from the same professor…”.

Excerpt From
Thank U Prince 
J. Alan Franzen 

“...Like Alice, I'm taking Prince’s hand and stepping into the looking-glass, leaning forward into a convex spaceship where I feel safe to express myself. Perhaps that’s been Prince’s agenda all along in this cat and mouse chess game he plays. After all, our lives are just a figment of Prince’s imagination, prisoners of our own device…” 

An excerpt from
#AOA (a non-review)
J. Alan Wachs
published by First F15teen