NAME / Brand / App Design / WEBSITE / COPYWRITING 

The Spotted team approached More Simple with a concept for a line-management platform for restaurants. The team was in need of a name, brand, app, website and social presence. We jumped at the chance to help these entrepreneurs bring their vision to life.

The act of being spotted, holding your spot in line while waiting at a hot spot felt like a perfect idea to hold together what they were building. Once we named the product, we developed a powerful, clean mark that reinforced the idea of a person’s spot in a line. From there, we designed the app, website, and social media pages around the playful brand message:


Look for Spotted in your neighborhood this Spring.

“We came to More Simple with little more than a great business idea, but we needed a brand to secure our position in the market. The value More Simple added to our vision was significant; the team provided not only user experience, but a user MINDSET.  For our business, they played the role of trusted adviser by understanding exactly what we needed, then carefully guided our product roadmap with honest and direct communication.” 

Haider Lasne
Founder of SPOTTED