CEREAL : Pt. 1

An Investigative Report on Design 

Part I: The Designer (An introduction)

Consider me an observer of The Designer. 

It’s been said The Designer is blessed + cursed with a desire to improve everyday life, a drive to improve every thing that is wrong in their eyes; from small objects (a pencil) to the extraordinary: How to put a laptop in the hands of every child on Earth. 

While the latter is not a graphic design problem per se, it remains a strategic Design problem. 

What is a Design Problem? And, why does design matter? More importantly, how does the Designer arrive at a solution that works? And, why? To what end —

As a gumshoe, my job is to search beneath the folds to uncover what exactly is going on in that magic place called Design.  

To me, it's a mystery. 


Shifting from the theatre space to the digital space over a number of years, owning my own business, completing a Masters Degree, building performance groups, digital consulting, publishing companies, I've spent my life swimming with designers; thinkers, producers, and creators across a number of fields and industries. In fact, I was a freshman Designer myself. In the 90’s, I fashioned myself as a Desktop Publisher, a Mac Gypsy traveling the countryside like a digital nomad. "Have Hard Drive/Will Travel”.  I helped the Federal Reserve Bank print their annual reports long before iPads did the trick. I've crafted hundreds of business cards, flyers, and brochures. Though I would never elevate myself to the ranks of Designer (with a capital 'D'), I knew my way around Photoshop and Quark. My knowledge of fonts was fine. I provided services and I solved problems digitally and with old school print. 


Today, with MORE SIMPLE, I have the opportunity to swim with the big fish; a small team of DESIGN THINKERS by definition who reach beyond graphic design towards high-concept brands and business solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and the portfolio companies of venture capitalists. 

This series will investigate how they do it, and what I've learned from Designers along the way. 

J. Wachs
Studio Director
More Simple